40-Year Reunion Survey-Venue

Hello Classmates!

The committee is asking for your votes in deciding on a venue. Everyone seemed to enjoy the 35-year at KC Country Club, but we have heard many comments about keeping the costs down. There  are pros and cons to each - so what's most important to you?

KC Country Club: Beautiful outdoor venue but most expensive.  We can probably shave $5 off the previous cost and perhaps another $10 if we go with Chicken instead of Steak & Chicken.  Other expenses are roughly the same.  Closes at midnight.  (Estimate with Chicken only $55)

Fraternal Hall:  It is what is - and it's less expensive.  More costly to set up and decorate. Separate Bar & Dance rooms (whether you find that a pro or a con).   Menu would be Tri-Tip and Chicken Breast.  Closes at 1am. (Estimate $40-45)

Irwin Street Inn:  Outdoor Coutryard with Rooms available on-site.  Only 1 bathroom each for M/F.  Concerns whether they'll still be open next Fall... ?!   Menu would be Beef & Chicken - sorry, I didn't receive details.  Closes at 11 pm.  (Estimate $45)

We're looking at an early Fall date, but can't pin it down until we select the venue. 

What say you? Vote now and NLT 8/31. Thank you!!  Your faithful committee =}

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1)   Which venue do you prefer? See the intro for pros and cons.

  KC Country Club
  Fraternal Hall
  Irwin Street Inn